COC Certification Process

All companies that own, handle and wish to make claims about their product need to be certified. The supply chain/chain of custody certification process follows three simple steps:


1. Application and review

Complete the BM TRADA request for quote form. This allows us to accurately define your scope of certification and to provide you with a quotation and a competent audit team.

2. Main evaluation (completed in two stages)

On site:

  • review of chain of custody/supply chain management system
  • review procedures and processes covering all activities related to the system
  • evaluate whether critical control points (CCP) have been identified and the risk of product mixing eliminated or minimised
  • review the record keeping process
  • evaluate all outsourced processes
  • verify the company’s use of the appropriate trademark for on-product labelling and off-product marketing communications and claims.

Off site:

  • a written report on the audit findings and non conformances that need to be addressed
  • review of the written report by BM TRADA head office. 


3. Certification


On completion of step two (and closure of any identified non-conformances) certification is granted by

BM TRADA. Issue of a certificate and certification marks to demonstrate and promote certification.
Certification is valid for five years and is maintained through a programme of annual surveillance audits and a recertification audit in the fifth year before the certification expires.