BM TRADA Forest Products Chain of Custody

Forest products chain of custody certification for forest products that are not FSC™ or PEFC™ certified.

BM TRADA has developed its own chain of custody scheme that recognises that there are other certification schemes and forest management initiatives operating in various parts of the world where currently there is no route to market for products because of the absence of independent verification of chain of custody.

As part of the development process some of these initiatives may have undergone verification by independent forestry consultants to determine if they would comply, for example, with the UK Government’s Timber Procurement Policy for timber products that are “legal and progressing towards sustainability”. BM TRADA has developed a scheme that seeks to support such initiatives and as such is prepared to give these schemes unaccredited certification under our Forest Products scheme.

Schemes and forest products recognised by BM TRADA Forest Products certification:

Certification Schemes
      - Canadian Standards Association (CSA) * 
      - Malaysian Timber Certification Council (MTTC) *
      - Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) *

Verification Programmes
      - Bureau Veritas Origin & Legality Du Bois (OLB)
      - Certisource Programme
      - Forest Law Enforcement Governance & Trade (FLEGT)
      - Global Forest Services Wood Trading Programme
      - SGS Timber Legality & Traceability Verification Programme (TLTV)
      - SGS Mandatory Legal Timber Validation Programme (MLTV)
      - SGS Voluntary Legal Timber Validation Programme (VLTV)
      - Rainforest Alliance Standard for Verification of Legal Origin
      - Rainforest Alliance Standard for Verification of Legal Compliance
      - Rainforest Alliance Smartstep Programme
      - SVLK Timber Legality Assurance System (TLAS)
      - The Forest Trust Members Programme

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